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Sarah's Snippets are short conversational videos where I field the questions you have about your career and life right now. I offer leadership tips and ways for you to start navigating through the situation today. 

New snippets are released weekly.

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My Dream Job Feels Like a Nightmare.

Today's question comes from Donna,
"Dear Sarah, I started a healthcare data analytics company 5 years ago and it’s grown to now being a 25 person team. I thought it was my dream to be a CEO of my own company but it’s starting to feel like a nightmare and I’m exhausted. I didn’t anticipate this exhaustion. What can I do?"

Episode 01

How Do I Get the Next Opportunity at Work?

Today's Question is from Helen:
"Dear Sarah, I’m 28 years old and I’ve worked in 1 management consulting for the last 4 years. I’m feeling frustrated and demotivated because I haven’t been offered any development opportunities recently, even though I was rated by my manager as excellent in my annual review. I feel like I’m hitting a brick wall. What else is there for me to do?"

Episode 02

Dear Sarah...

I Have Plateaued, What Can I Do Next?

Today's question comes from Jake:
"Dear Sarah, I have 15 years experience in the not for profit sector. I’ve had a few upward promotions across my career but my last job move was lateral, and I now feel like I’ve plateaued. I’m feeling very lost and struggling to see a future for the next 15 years of my career. What should I do?"

Episode 03

Does my voice matter in this room?

Today's question comes from Melissa:
"Dear Sarah, Last week I was sitting in a meeting surrounded by the most powerful leaders in the organization. They often talk about topics that I know a lot about but I don't feel confident enough to speak and contribute, since I'm not as senior as everyone else. Is my opinion welcome? What shall I do next time?"

Episode 04

I'm exhausted. How can I start a job search?

Today's question comes from Holly:
"Dear Sarah, I’m absolutely exhausted. I can’t even think. I need to find a new job. How can I even start a job search when I don’t feel like my usual motivated self. I’ve been in Consultancy for 10 years and not sure where to even start."

Episode 05

I'm in a toxic work culture. Can it get better?

Today's question comes from Adrian:
"Dear Sarah, how do you know when to leave a job? My boss has created a culture of command and control. I find it all very difficult and a little toxic. Do you things will get better?"

Episode 06

I'm losing confidence. What can I do?

Today's question comes from Jasmine:
"Dear Sarah, I was asked by the Chief Operating Officer to shift into being the Director for a different department. It’s taking more time than I thought to make the required changes in the Department. I’m worried that those above me are losing confidence in me as they are asking why the required changes are taking so long. What can I do?

Episode 7

Are you where you want to be with your career?

Today's question is from me to you!
"Where are you sitting right now? Look around. Is that really where you want to be?"

Episode 08

My boss is emailing me at 2am. What can I do?

Today's question comes from Hilary:
"Dear Sarah, I’ve been at my tech company for 3 years and I’m finding it difficult to switch off at night. My manager is sometimes emailing at 2am with general information. I’m trying to figure out how to manage this since it’s clearly an expectation, and has worse since we've been working from home. How can I better deal with this?

Episode 9

Promotion or no promotion?

Today's question comes from Simon:
"Dear Sarah, I’ve been in a job for the past 2 years and am eligible for promotion. This year, I’ve been asked to take on responsibilities that are at a lower level and I have less time to get involved with senior level discussions and projects. I’m worried that the split of my time doesn’t reflect senior level responsibilities, even though I'm capable and ready. What can I do?"

Episode 10

I often feel unfulfilled. Is it just me?

Today's question comes from Stacy:
"Dear Sarah, I recently reached Director level in the health services in California and I enjoy this role at times, but I often feel unfulfilled week on week, and  I'm dragging myself out of bed. I always thought that this is what I wanted but now I’m asking if I’m in the wrong role or if I need a different manager, or is it just me?"

Episode 11

Interview Tips: How to hold presence when interviewing virtually.

There are a set of new techniques to adopt when interviewing in a virtual space. I've collated feedback from recruiters and tips I provided to clients in recent coaching sessions for a series on Sarah's Snippets!

Episode 12

Is January a good time to look for a new job?

When the new year began, I got a lot of questions about whether this is a good time to launch a job search. Tune in to this episode and make a start!

Episode 13

Interview Tips: How to start and finish each sentence.

At your next interview, structure your sentences in a way that makes the most impact, to focus the interviewer’s attention on your successes.

Start with "I delivered...", and end with, "My key learnings were...".

Episode 14

Interview Tips: Start here before launching into interview preparation

Take a moment and take stock of what your strengths are before preparing for interviews. 

Episode 15

Interview Tips: Don't tone yourself down. Bring your full confidence. 

In preparation for your next interview, use this approach to ensure you are clear and concise, with a burst of confidence. 

Episode 16

What part of your story are you not telling?

What is your work persona?
What part of your story are you not telling at work?
What doesn't feel palatable in your current work environment?
Where are you trying to fit in?

This video is a starting point for this conversation.

Episode 17

Start running your career like it's your own business.

I see you struggling.
I also see you showing up every day in your workplaces, wondering if you need to adapt to everyone around you and become more like them in the way you lead. Or is there another way? 

Episode 18

The Beyond Burnout Guide

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