Sarah’s Group Sessions

You've been working hard by yourself for long enough.

You are a rising executive leader that is looking for inspiration and direction on how to navigate your career in these uncertain times.

You are trying to figure out how to gain visibility and a stronger presence in your workplace, only to be left feeling like you can’t quite figure it out and make a break through. 

You are looking for tried and tested approaches to building self-authority, confidence and a leadership approach that will help you to gain authority and trust with those around you.

You are self-employed and floundering right now. You're not sure which direction to take, how to build your network and what to focus on next. 

You have spent months or even years wanting a sense of clarity on your career direction and the impact you want to make. 

Bringing together a set of leaders who have a shared ambition and determination to rise up, grow their self-authority, and start running their careers like it’s their own small business.

Turning the Dial Up at your Next interview 

Single-session Coaching on the following topics:

Rethinking Visibility when Virtual

The Secret Sauce of Self-Promotion

Start running your career like it's your own business

Step into your Power = Influencing without Authority  

Moving Beyond Burnout 

Start Running Your Career Like It’s Your Own Small Business

Part one

Go boldly and grab hold of what is important to you right now

Treat your career like a small business that needs all your creativity, positive spirit, innovative energy and a clear set of steps to deliver success

It's time to be the leader you want to be

Part three

Personal branding 101 and building executive presence

How to be bold in pursuit of your goals, week after week

Demonstrating your unique value to others

Strengthen your self-authority

Part two

Gain clarity on your areas of focus  and the impact you want to make

Identify your leadership style and expand your range, so that you can adapt in certain situations 

The Value of Visibility

Part four

How to flex your style when presenting or meeting virtual

Being visible, when virtual

Understand the different components of networking and being intentional in every conversation

This moment in your career

Part six

Acknowledge and counteract the negative thoughts and self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back

Develop an adaptive approach to taking on each challenge 

The rules of a resilient mindset

Part five

Distinguishing features of burnout and why it is spreading like wildfire

Shift your focus and build a weekly rhythm that supports your personal mission

Start Running Your Career Like It's Your Own Business

Client Results



“I’m motivated and excited to move forward with newfound calm and confidence. You told me, “You know what you’re doing.” And that has been a great new mantra moving forward. There were several times I set a goal, but would then hit a wall and take that as a sign to give up. You helped me to see these moments more as temporary road blocks.”

Heidi, Screenwriter

“I loved working with Sarah! In a relatively short time, she helped me outline my growth goal and guided me not only in achieving it, but also in building out the tools to continue my growth journey on my own, and awareness to recognize when I need additional guidance and support..”

Global Operations, MassChallenge

“Following my coaching session with Sarah, I felt like the pathway to achieving the role I seek is clearer and therefore far more attainable. By tapping into Sarah's guidance I've discovered a new perspective to my current circumstance and how I can harness this to drive forward and reach my goals.”

 AJ, Commercial Finance Manager

“Sarah has this canny ability to pick up on what I’m really feeling. It means she manages to move past my high functioning smoke screen and helps me see my reality more clearly.”

Tom, Hospital Operations Director, NHS

“I find it so easy to connect with Sarah because she has been there and faced some of the personal and professional challenges of being a minority ethnic woman much younger than most of her peers, on a steep career trajectory.”

KS, Communications Manager

“I truly benefitted from our sessions together. I am now showing up to meetings much more confidently and I'm clear on what I want to say. The tips you gave me on how to make a lasting impression have also helped as I am interviewing for my next role.”

Kathryn, Product Manager

We will work together to ensure your internal success

Expand perspectives on how to influence in your current work environment and step into your leadership advantage

Grow into being an ever-adapting professional, ready to leap forward into the next project or opportunity 

Learn the power of creating lasting connections, as the most important networking tool 

Develop a style of leadership that is engaging, clear, confident and demonstrates your full range of skills and abilities

Are you ready?

Start running your career like it's your own business includes:

Live 75 minute Six-Part Group Sessions delivered virtually: Spring enrollment
 coming soon

1 hour 1:1 Confidence Call for each participant, where we work together to explore any specific topic of choice

Workbook for each participant to solidify what action they will take after each session

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Sarah’s Savvy Tool Kit of Tried and Tested Tips to support in switching gears towards you having a more confident leadership presence

Pre Session Planning Package to collect questions that participants would like answered during the six-part program

Frequently asked questions


In Sarah’s Session I create space for powerful conversations about where people want to boldly go with their careers and how to build their leadership advantage in their workplace. These programs are centered on addressing the current challenges facing professionals in a range of industries who are seeking out specific tools, coupled with being bolstered to take the next step and try something new.

Who are these programs for?

Sarah’s Group Sessions: Start Running Your Career Like It's Your Own Business is my signature program offered to people and organizations in a range of industries.

Sarah’s Sessions are also offered as single group coaching sessions where people from a range of professions and backgrounds come together to focus on a topic of critical importance to their careers.

The collaborative delivery style of Sarah’s Sessions enables sparks of curiosity and equips participants with actions to take straight after each session.

What is the Pricing?

Sarah’s Group Sessions: Start Running Your Career Like It's Your Own Business is purchased by a group or individuals who want to participate in the whole six-part program.

Pricing is 575 USD or 420 GBP. You can pay via PayPal, or I can send you an invoice. Please enter a discount code if you have one. Payment plans also available on request. 

I can also develop bespoke programs at the request of an organization.

Please contact me so I can match you with a program and provide pricing. 


I currently offer all of Sarah’s Sessions virtually. I can deliver these sessions in person on request.

Does it matter what industry I work in?

My group sessions are filled with people who work in health systems, NGOs, start ups and those who work for themselves, since we all have a desire to claim a greater leadership presence, make bolder career choices and navigate through the complexities of workplaces. 


Start Running Your Career Like It's Your Own Business is run twice per year. 

Please email me at to register your interest. 

Each session is 75 minutes and held virtually at 10am EST, 3pm GMT on Saturdays. 

Can you give examples of your methodology? 

I have worked with leadership teams to create and facilitate high impact town halls, department teams to establish clear expectations through team agreements and charters and project teams to delineate the roles and responsibilities of each team member.