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I work with people to develop their leadership style, discover the strength of their voices and make decisions from a place of self-authority, enabling them to excel in all areas of their life.

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I choose you to work with?

I create a coaching space for sparks of curiosity, where you can explore your options and be galvanized to push boundaries as a leader. My coaching style is collaborative, action oriented, strategic and focussed on what you need right now. I believe it’s important that we have the right coaching chemistry, which is a feeling of trust and a sense of wonderment between us. Check out Sarah’s Snippets to experience my coaching style.  

Will coaching work for me?

Hear from the clients directly!
“I feel calmer than I used to with being in the here and now whilst excited to start developing a plan for the future- even if I don’t know which route to take yet.”

“I am testing different ways of being a leader in new situations and recognising a team’s reactions.”

“I have a better understanding of how I will respond next time I am in conflict with a colleague, which is grounded in my core values.”

“My boss wrote to me about how I handled a situation saying he admired my courage and the approach I took which was authentic and professional.”

Who gets coaching?

The beauty of coaching is that we can all benefit at any time as a way to discover the possibilities beyond what we currently can see for ourselves and our leadership potential. 

Some of the people I most admire in life have talked about the benefits of coaching: Usain Bolt, Misty Copeland, Atul Gawande, Bill Gates. As a healthcare leader, I benefited from coaching as a way to step into my leadership style and take on greater challenges, and now my coach supports my development and growth as a business owner. 


I partner with teams who are working virtually or in an office. We can work together whatever your location or team set up. Let’s talk about what your organization needs right now. 

Does it matter what industry I work in?

I work with people in group sessions from a variety of different industries, including health systems, NGOs and start ups, since we all have a desire to claim a greater leadership presence, and navigate through the complexities of our career choices and workplaces. 

What is your pricing?

Please book a complimentary consultation so we can discuss your individual goals and match you with the package that suits you best.