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Sarah's Snippets are short conversational videos where I field the questions you have about your career and life right now. I offer leadership tips and ways for you to start navigating through the situation today. 

New snippets are released weekly.

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My Dream Job Feels Like a Nightmare

Today's question comes from Donna,
"Dear Sarah, I started a healthcare data analytics company 5 years ago and it’s grown to now being a 25 person team. I thought it was my dream to be a CEO of my own company but it’s starting to feel like a nightmare and I’m exhausted. I didn’t anticipate this exhaustion. What can I do?"

Episode 01

How Do I Get the Next Opportunity at Work?

Todays' Question is from Helen:
"Dear Sarah, I’m 28 years old and I’ve worked in 1 management consulting for the last 4 years. I’m feeling frustrated and demotivated because I haven’t been offered any development opportunities recently, even though I was rated by my manager as excellent in my annual review. I feel like I’m hitting a brick wall. What else is there for me to do?"

Episode 02

Dear Sarah...

I Have Plateaued, What Can I Do Next?

Today's question comes from Jake:
"Dear Sarah, I have 15 years experience in the not for profit sector. I’ve had a few upward promotions across my career but my last job move was lateral, and I now feel like I’ve plateaued. I’m feeling very lost and struggling to see a future for the next 15 years of my career. What should I do?"

Episode 03

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